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Albert Einstein

"Courage is rightly considered the foremost of the virtues, for upon it, all others depend."

                                                     Winston Churchill


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Appointments can be 30 or 60 or 90 minutes as often as weekly, biweekly or monthly
Traditionally 60 minutes, biweekly is preferred.

Phone Coaching
Creating change and gaining control is as close as a phone call.
Phone coaching can be requested if traveling to the office is not convenient.

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Counseling offered by phone

Know the feeling of Courageous Confidence and saunter all the way home!   


 learn how to turn fear off and turn  courageous  confidence on

 How would it feel to boldly interact with  others, bravely

pursue your interests and  spontaneously express the most of yourself?



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Special report available upon request on self esteem building in kids

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The Right Stuff!

Relationships/Personality Styles
workshop May 3rd

Create change in relationships, career or within yourself. Effective change, lasting change comes from within.  If you experience emotional turmoil, anger, worry, depression, they undermine you, weaken your efforts and cause destruction in relationships..  Create a calm confidence, a courageous confidence in you, through Inner Balance Coaching.

What is Happiness?  How do I find Happiness?

Find fulfillment when you embrace the desire to fully express your own greatness; Inner Balance Coaching is life coaching that evokes an awareness of a truer calling.  Make bold choices that address your desire to be more, and happiness is the result.

Fear restricts the confident expression of human potential. Inner Balance Coaching addresses this challenge by counseling you on the fears that hold you back.  We can't override fears easily, we creatively try to avoid them which in turn gives our fear way too much presence in our life.

Inner Balance Coaching takes a look at how our life experiences have set fears deeply in place in an effort to protect you.  The fear produces patterns of defense that once may have served you but now may sabotage your efforts, like a fog that hides the way to what we want.  Most times you don't even know what's holding you back or preventing you from producing the results you want in a relationship, career, or in living fully.  What you want too create eludes you and you don't know why, like success, happiness, intimacy, love and self confidence.  Inner Balance Coaching is about eliminating fears and feelings like depression because they greatly reduce our ability to make the most of our life.

When fear is gone what is left is love.  Love expresses itself through passion, motivation, excitement, kindness, gratitude, boldness, confidence and happiness.  If you strive for inner peace, happiness and a feeling of fulfillment in your day to day experience of life, you'll find it by facing your fears.


Inner Balance Coaching can reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, overwhelm and fear in 3 appointments.


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Your situation can improve. Compassionate, confidential counseling

with the understanding of your need to grow, take charge of your life and

improve relationships.

Emotional Wellness, Relationship Wellness and Career Coaching

Personal and Professional Counseling for FAST and Effective Change

Success Stories

"I have been seeing Heather for just over 2 months now (4 visits) and

am amazed to see so much wonderful change already. It's like a miracle really.


I feel way more confidence, I even stood up to a bully last week with inner strength yet very calm...that shocked me!  I was so proud of myself.  

My emotional wellness is also measurable, I feel engaged in doing things, accomplish goals, and I'm smiling WAY more than ever.  I have never felt this good about me before. It's work, but it's simple and

it's amazing. I am so grateful to Heather for empowering me to change my life."

Lisa, Pickering, Ontario

"With coaching from Courageous Confidence, Sancor Industries has seen the employees display a increased level of confidence in their work.  More is getting accomplished, employees are accountable, take initiative and complete tasks with impressive results and less mistakes.  Pryor to coaching employees took more sick days off and follow through USED to required assertive management efforts.  Sancor Industries feels confident and able to create growth like never before because of the coaching."

Tara D'Oliveira
Sancor Industries

"Heather is a caring, concerned professional who is committed to her clients well-being and personal growth. From "rabbit ears" to digital cable Heather has helped me to see my world differently. The confidence, insight and courage she builds into her clients is truly a gift. I give her the highest of recommendations."  Jayne, Scarborough, Ontario

Thank you so much for facilitating the session with our Book Club last night. It was such a positive and enlightening experience.  The way you went about delivering your message was brilliant; you first sought to understand us and then delivered things in a quiet and thoughtful way giving much latitude to the open culture of the group. Brilliant! We are very much interested in you coming back for Courageous Confidence Part Two.

Again, thanks so much,

Claire Tucker-Reid

Ajax, Ontario